SEO Services Maitland unveils facts behind Magic of SEO

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SEO Services Maitland unveils facts behind Magic of SEO

SEO Marketing for Companies in Maitland has a particular science (or magic) behind it which makes it a thing that is not always easy to determine, especially if you are a business in Maitland just taking off. But with some skills, guidance and even trial and error you too can begin to comprehend just how to get your business’s SEO efforts really working for you.

It was put so beautifully by the people over at Search Engine Land that there is a ‘periodic Table of SEO’ full version found here

It is such a terrific idea and a fantastic method to show people the best ways to think about SEO. Because yes, similar to in 1869 when Mendeleev first created the periodic table he started to show people that there were connections and patterns between the elements. So let’s draw back the curtain to reveal the secret inner workings and find out that there was a rabbit in the hat the whole time, and also it is skill and knowledge, not the arcane arts which will help you succeed in your Maitland SEO efforts.


The first Column of the table of elements of SEO is Content. And that is rightfully first on the list because “Content Is Key”. Ever since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, the value of original and interesting material has been ever enhancing which is why we will definitely find areas such as ‘quality’, ‘fresh’, and ‘research’ here. You may also see the Red ‘Vt’ which is a clever word of caution about thin content because that is what will start to detract from your Maitland SEO efforts.


Architecture is an exciting On-page element for your SEO. And the elements detailed here are very important from a technical, and user-interface level. Because you have aspects such as the Crawl (Ac) and technical areas such as URLS (Au) and HTTPS (Ah). But the clever part of this is the importance of speed (As) because this helps the Google Spiders to an extent, but is also crucial because you need to bear in mind that you are dealing with people who can be unpredictable and uninterested quickly. So if your page takes too long to load, they will probably just leave.


This column in the table delves deeper into the specialised and crosses into a few areas of content and writing– particularly where it gets abused. So biggest part of this that I would have you work on is avoiding the negatives listed – the Hidden (Vh) and the Stuffing (Vs) because these are points that people who barely know SEO think they can get away with. And the truth is you can not because Google detests people who cut corners, and reward those who are worthy.


Moving to the Off-page elements I would explain the importance of Authority (Ta) but will also warn you not to become too obsessed with it. Because Authority can suggest a lot of factors and includes aspects like Page Authority, Domain Authority and Link Authority. Which essentially all boils down to trust. Don’t stress too much about the first two because there really isn’t much you can do to change your authority ranking, and it is near impossible to get a 100 % authority because that is conserved for places like Google and Facebook. But you can take care of you Link Authority– how? By making sure you build links using places that you trust and don’t seem dodgy. Make sure you get links from places you actually want your company to be linked to.


just like I mentioned before, when it concerns Quality (Lq) it is extremely important to SEO to make sure you investigate your links and focus on credibled and quality sources for your links– possibly even try and add the local aspect with Maitland businesses. It also goes without saying that the number of links (Ln) is rather necessary. Please also steer clear of any paid links (Vp) or methods that appear to be Spam (Vl).


This is your more express user data and incorporates the ‘Local factor’ which has become actually necessary since Google Pidgeon because it pushes the focus and emphasis upon local business such as in Maitland, which actually helps with the Country (Pc) and Locality (Pl) aspects here.


and finally the all-important (and often overlooked) part of SEO, the social media elements. This is still a disputed area because it is hard to tell just the amount of influence shares (Ss) actually have upon SEO from Google’s viewpoint. But it is without a doubt that your reputation (Sr) with your fans both online and in the local Maitland area is highly important because it will help through conventional brand awareness.

So that in summary is the science of SEO! Again, I enjoy how simply this image puts it, and how it shows the connection between all of these areas. Since it helps to have it in this particular format to show people how it works, and yet not have it seem too menacing or intricate. With the pattern in Updates, this is all expecteded to change in time, but for now, and as we go into 2016 let’s all try and ensure we understand SEO as best as we can so we are readied for what follows. If you are searching for any more detailed or specific guidance then please feel free to contact us here at Internet Marketing Experts Maitland. You can call us on 1300 595 013 or visit,

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